On Twitter this week…

  • On the way to Malibu! ->
  • I started using Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator in 1992 – over 20 years! I usually embrace change, but this change is not making me happy… ->
  • Current USA building codes require homes four times the size of the international average. Viva la Tiny Revolution! http://t.co/xtwU3oNlVC ->
  • Hey all! It's 'bare' your soul, not 'bear' – as in naked and vulnerable. Bearing your soul would mean carrying it… #ChangesTheWholeMeaning ->
  • 2% of my followers are fake. How many fake followers do you have..? http://t.co/zzRcMKSLsC @StatusPeople #FollowerSpam ->
  • The Fake Belieber Epidemic: Why Justin doesn’t Have as Many Twitter Followers as You Think! http://t.co/bnrpfXSqT0 via @yahooomg ->
  • On Twitter this week… – http://t.co/2HfwHpd0jt ->

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