On Twitter | March and April 2014


Baby Kittens! 13 Days Old!

baby kitten yawning

King of the kitten pile? Or just a yawn?

baby kitten sleeping

At this age all they do is sleep and eat, and then sleep and eat some more.

baby kittens

Such a pretty little face…

13-day-old kittens

I’ve gotten a few questions about how these were shot… Was it a “normal” camera? And the answer is yes! Just a normal camera and a 50mm lens at f/1.2. If you’ve studied photography even just a little, you probably know that an aperture of f/1.2 will give you an extremely shallow depth of field – but then when you combine it with shooing this close, it makes the field of focus even more narrow. On some of these only the tiny little whiskers on their noses were in focus. I did crop all of them slightly – but no more that a quarter of the image was trimmed off. But did I do anything to them in PhotoShop? Not really. I color balanced and then sharpened them, but there was no selective blurring, or anything else tricky. These really are the way it looks when you shoot wide open, and really close up.

So why did I choose to shoot this way? There are several reasons. One, I think it’s pretty. Two, I really wanted to focus on the kitten’s tiny little toes and their noses and whiskers. The narrow focus serves to isolate those features from the background, and really showcase how sweet they are. And three, I like to push occasionally, and get something a little different. Shooting the same subject the same way, more than once, gets a little boring. Gotta shake it up!

Kittens! Year Three…

10-day-old kittens

Kiss, kiss!

baby kitten


baby calico kittens

Little kitten faces

Little faces, ten-days-old…

When do kittens open their eyes?

This is the LAST generation of this particular cat family. The mother of these kittens is one of the kittens from last summer – in other words, she’s only nine-months old herself – but now that she’s letting me touch her, she’ll be on her was to the Vet to get fixed, as soon as these babies are weaned. Her brother has already visited the Vet, and she’s the last hold-out, so definitely the last branch of this particular cat family tree!

On Twitter | January and February 2014

  • Feb 27 · PBS’ Frontline profiled “Generation Like” tonight, and their social media-driven world. Gen X and the Millennials? Very different world!
  • Feb 25 · If you miss your exit, then you miss your exit. It’s not that big a deal. Just get off at the next one! #literallyandfiguratively
  • Jan 16 · I hate being away from home on days when there’s a big wildfire in a nearby town. Makes me a bit nervous…
  • Jan 11 · Ethan Morton, author of “Anything Goes,” a new book on the history of musical theatre, made the comment. #RuthEtting
  • Jan 11 · Audiences didn’t care – they were getting to see a star! Love to #PBS for getting it RIGHT!
  • Jan 11 · About how her numbers were rarely integrated into the plot of the Broadway show – but audiences didn’t care – they were getting to see a …
  • Jan 11 · Just heard a referance to Ruth Etting on PBS’ TheatreTalk! And it was spot on!

On Twitter | December 2013

  • Dec 24 · Amazing he’s still alive… And grateful he sailed between me and the car behind me! It was just like magic! #drunkdriversuck
  • Dec 24 · A car just sailed through a red light, at 50MPH downtown, while I was in the middle of the intersection – going the other way – legally.
  • Dec 24 · It’s 83 degrees today – clear and sunny gorgeousness! So grateful to live in such a beautiful place!
  • Dec 16 · Done with finals! I have officially completed my first semester in law school. So happy! Now, on to Christmas…
  • Dec 10 · Torts Final is done and I feel really good! Which could be a sign I missed issues… Or it could mean I did really good! Either way, I FEEL good!
  • Dec 9 · Palm trees in the background, oranges in winter, and a pretty girl – all the elements of a vintage ad meant to… http://fb.me/3xE3NmyDC 
  • Dec 9 · The Steam Punk Contingent! I don’t think these three were officially connected with the event, they were guests,… http://fb.me/12BwoqFhT 
  • Dec 9 · Every year Heritage House in Riverside hosts a Victorian Christmas Party, and this year I finally got to go! http://fb.me/1cEBNR4mH 
  • Dec 9 · Heritage House | A Victorian Christmas – http://cherylspelts.com/?p=4469 
  • Dec 9 · Jenna and Michael – http://cherylspelts.com/?p=4455 
  • Dec 8 · Victorian Christmas at Heritage House, circa 1895, then chocolate martinis and appetizers at the Mission inn! #iLoveRiverside
  • Dec 6 · I posted 11 photos on Facebook in the album “Jenna and Michael” http://fb.me/1HHAIMnX3 
  • Dec 5 · Restaurant Impossible is filming in Redlands this week! At a place called Mill Creek BBQ? If you live nearby, there’s a radio event!
  • Dec 3 · There’s a mass of gray rain clouds hanging over the coast. The kind of day I wish I could stay inland, in the sun!

On Twitter | November 2013

  • Nov 27 · 78 gorgeous degrees! Bright blue sky and puffy white clouds… #ILoveRiverside
  • Nov 19 · Yay for lower gas prices! $3.59 a gallon? I’ll take it!
  • Nov 18 · Jenna and Michael http://fb.me/Q0WS8Hu9 
  • Nov 16 · Saw a bunch of old friends today, and so many places I love… I miss Fallbrook!
  • Nov 16 · Congratulations to Jenna and Michael! Wishing you a very long and happy life together!
  • Nov 16 · So happy to be back in Fallbrook for the day. I’ve missed my “home” town!
  • Nov 5 · Adventures in commuting from Riverside to Orange County! Today it was strong winds and a massive traffic jam…
  • Nov 2 · Own your dreams. There is no better way to make them happen. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/10/on-owning-it.html …
  • Nov 2 · If you announce what you want the chances of accomplishing your goal go up and so does the chance that you will be disappointed. -seth godin
  • Nov 1 · And to the couple with the “prop” crutches and wheelchair setting up to beg near the freeway offramp? I have no words.
  • Nov 1 · To everyone else: Stop and go traffic is dangerous – please keep your eyes on the road! For the sake of everyone else around you…
  • Nov 1 · To the motorcyclist who went down on the 91 today near Corona: I’m praying for you!

On Twitter | October 2013

  • Oct 31 · I’m tired and I’m busy… but I just realized that my new neighborhood may celebrate Halloween. Should I stay in OC and study? Or go buy candy?
  • Oct 28 · Got the second highest grade in the class for the Criminal Law midterm. I am perfectly content with a good solid A- at this point!
  • Oct 16 · The danger in discussing a midterm once it’s over? Hearing all the issues you missed when it’s too late to do anything about it!
  • Oct 16 · Wish me luck! My last midterm this semester is in a little over three hours!
  • Oct 16 · Seatbelt is buckled, still car keeps beeping. Why? Realized my criminal law books are HEAVY enough in passenger seat to trip sensor.
  • Oct 12 · Just saw a seriously goodlooking 30-year-old guy with moviestar hair and a cardboard sign, begging? Hidden camera? Or real?
  • Oct 11 · Drove my new convertible with top down, through a tiny bit of snow. So the car has been officially introduced to Idyllwild!
  • Oct 11 · In Idyllwild to see the first snow of the season! And my Grandma!
  • Oct 9 · Is it really so unusual to want a long straw if you order a tall drink?
  • Oct 6 · I love Riverside! <3

On Twitter | August 2013

  • Aug 27 · …temporarily taken home a super sweet kitten, and started law school!
  • Aug 27 · In the past week I’ve moved into a cute little Victorian house, gotten a cute little VW convertible, temporarily taken home a super swee …
  • Aug 21 · My cat Roxie is home now, after a night out with local cat gang in our new neighborhood. She is HAPPY to be back.
  • Aug 21 · Once again my Grandma comes to my rescue! This time it was a lost cat emergency. Thank heaven for my Grandma!
  • Aug 18 · Sold my car today! And the buyer found a brand new video light I “lost” three years ago. So I got cash and got my light back – good deal!
  • Aug 17 · Wondering why I can hear happy little kids jumping and splashing in a pool nearby, at 11PM? But also super jealous, because it sounds fun!
  • Aug 17vToday? Law school orientation! Tomorrow? Hopefully sell my car… Monday? Move to my new apartment. Next week? Start law school. Busy but happy!
  • Aug 14 · Worried about hormones in meat? The USDA allows their use with cattle and sheep, but NOT in hogs, chickens or turkeys http://goo.gl/ti9YaT 
  • Aug 11 · Streetcars may be coming back to downtown Riverside – right where I’ll be living. Love the trolley in San Diego, so I approve!
  • Aug 7 · This area burned just 10 years ago in the Esperanza Fire. #SilverFire
  • Aug 7 · Now it’s at 5000 acres. Residents evacuated to Idyllwild, #SilverFire
  •  Aug 7 · It appears that CBS2 has more than one helicopter on the scene? If so THANK YOU! Multiple views are good! #SilverFire
  • Aug 7 · 0% containment and 2500 acres burned in only two hours. So many gorgeous oak trees in that area… #SilverFire
  • Aug 7 · My heart goes out to the residents of Poppet Flat! #SilverFire

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