Welcome to my site! I just finished law school and am currently studying for the bar exam, so the focus of this site will change soon, but not quite yet! So while I’m in transition, my site is also in transition, but all my old blog posts are still accessible at http://cherylspelts.com/blog.

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Cheryl SpeltsIn search of the seriously beautiful…

I’m a photographer in Southern California, and I shoot rock stars. Yeah, I’m really that lucky!

I also shoot high school seniors, kids, adults, and anyone who wants to look absolutely fabulous. I find the seriously beautiful in everyone!

If you’re a musician or band looking for promo photos that are CD cover-worthy, or an actor looking for a headshot that gets you jobs, or a model wanting to add to your portfolio, contact me.

If you’re a high school senior, or about to be a senior, and you want senior portraits that truly rock, contact me!

If you’re an art director, with a luscious assignment in an exotic location shooting a hot rock star, definitely call me!

Everyone deserves a little magic, and to feel beautiful, and to own a truly iconic image of themselves. If you want to discover the seriously beautiful possibilities in yourself, lets get together and shoot…

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I have a portfolio of images dating back 20 years, and in my opinion, a full body of work shows off an artist in a way that a selection of images never will – and I want to show work from every phase of my artistic life. It may take a while to get it done, but that’s the goal!

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Playing tourist today in my birthplace…

Playing tourist today in my birthplace… My heart belongs to Fallbrook, but San Diego is where I was born and where I got my fashion sense! Sandals, wrap-around everything, with sun-streaked and wind-swept hair. 91X on the radio, playing Nirvana, and my car’s convertible top down. Near perfection!