Cheryl Spelts | Shooting on Location

Marty Casey in San Juan CapistranoWhere do I shoot on a regular basis? I grew up in San Diego, Los Angeles has always felt like my second home, I love Orange County, and I currently live in Riverside County – so just about everywhere in Southern California. However, if you want to shoot outside of Western Riverside County, a travel fee will be added to my usual booking fee.

How much is the Local Travel Fee? For travel to San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles, or Palm Springs add $100.

What about outside of Southern California? If you want to to do a session outside of my little corner of the world, then additional travel fees apply, which can mean anything from just a mileage charge, to airfare, a hotel, and a rental car, depending on the assignment.

I have a passport and I love international travel! Just so you know…

What are my favorite types of locations? Colorful city streets, areas with lots of architectural details, places that have beautiful light and pretty scenery. But mostly I like shooting in locations that have personal meaning to the people I’m photographing – so if you have a favorite spot, lets talk about it, and maybe it’ll be the perfect place for a session!

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